Inside me lives a skinny girl trying to get out. But i used to shut the bitch up with cookies


Wenn du zu lange in den Abgrund schaust, schaut der Abgrund auch in dich


Es ist wie es ist, willst du es ändern?
Please love me

you tell me, you cant tell your love
but that you want me just to know.
but how should i know?
you keep photographs of your exgirls
you hang drawings of her into your room
i cant understand.
and how should i feel?
i am not sure.
i got in contact with you when we fucked
but you had a girl i didnt know before
and now i am told to trust you?
i am told to stop worrying?
i am told to stop complaining?
this is not fair in my head.
10.3.10 20:18

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